20 Wedding Trends to Swoon Over in 2020 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

20 Wedding Trends to Swoon Over in 2020 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

2020 is in full swing and wedding season is on its way! A new year brings brand new wedding trends. Here are a few of my favorite wedding trends that 2020 has brought us so far.

Minimalist Wedding Receptions

Minimalist wedding receptions are on the rise, and there is no question as to why! What is not to love about modern signs, minimalist shapes, rose gold accents, greenery, and modern type fonts? What minimalist decor elements do you plan to implement at your wedding reception?

Dried Bouquets

This year Brides are channeling their inner Anthropologie with these gorgeous bouquets and we are here for it. While being stylish and sure to wow your guests, these bouquets are also super practical and lightweight. You won’t have to wait until the last minute to see your bouquets, so you can make sure your florals are in order far in advance. Plus you can also choose any flower you please — everything is in season in a dried bouquet!

Newlywed Signs

Newlywed signs are a Modernistic way for a couple to let their personalities shine at their wedding reception. Neon or engraved – couples have chosen to light their receptions with their Wedding Hashtag, new last name or unique sayings to tie in your details of the day!

Ceremony Exits

If you’re not big on the end-of-night exit, try a ceremony exit! Have guests throw confetti (biodegradable, of course) or flower petals to create dreamy exit photos. Helpful note : Dried leaves make a perfect alternative to confetti and they are environmentally friendly! Plan a craft day with the girls and create your wedding-day confetti: https://mothernatured.com/nature-crafts/eco-friendly-confetti/.

Handwritten Invites

Handwritten Invitations will leave guests feeling special knowing that their invitation was written with them in mind. Find a Calligrapher you love on Instagram or Etsy for your handwritten invites or make it into a girls day and take a local Calligraphy class!

Grazing tables

Grazing tables are a tasteful idea for snacks during the cocktail hour. Not only are grazing tables gorgeous and give your event a classier feel, they also give guests plenty of snack options. Set out some of your favorite cheeses, crackers, dried meats, fruits, and nuts for your guests to enjoy! Spread by : www.instagram.com/mingleandgraze


Videography is no longer an “optional add-on” that some people choose; it has become just as important as photography! With Videography on the rise couples are beginning to incorporate the film aspect into their Wedding Day. While Wedding Photographs last a lifetime, video does as well and is an incredibly touching way to look back on your Wedding Day in the years to come.

Embroidered Wedding Dresses

In 2020, Brides are saying “So – long!” to simplistic gowns and opting for dresses embroidered with lace, flowers, and designs to fit their wedding vibe. While Embroidered Wedding Dresses are a huge hit – another Fashionable trend is Ombre Wedding Dresses and sets. You can see more and shop this style here! https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetcarolinestyles?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=270757265

Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are all the craze lately. Brides and bridesmaids are wearing jean jackets, sometimes personalized, to create adorable photos and stay cozy during Wedding days! You can buy one for yourself – OR if your feeling generous gift a custom Jean Jacket to your favorite Bride to be!

Hanging Installations

Want to blow your guests away? Hanging installations are another popular 2020 wedding trend! The simplicity of an elegant chandelier, greenery and florals is a beautiful alternative to a large amount of decorations.

Decadent Tables

Your guests will love decadent tablescapes like these. Go all out at your wedding reception with candles, beautiful fresh florals, and other design elements that speak to you.

Custom Wedding Cakes

Popular wedding cakes in 2020 are not your average wedding cakes. Are you going for a wedding cake that is anything but ordinary? Check out custom brushstroke cakes, cakes designed with dried flowers, and even geode cakes. Need more inspo? You’ll find TONS of unique wedding cake ideas on Pinterest.

Romantic Veils

Veils are back in style! Romantic veils add a stunning element to a wedding-day look. Plus, they are PERFECT for veil shots. You’ll thank me later for this one!

Inclusive Menus

Couples are being more thoughtful about being inclusive when it comes to other aspects of wedding planning Vegetarian? Vegan? Have a nut allergy? We’ve got you. Be considerate of all your guests by offering up a variety of cuisines, sips and sides to ensure all guests are in for exceptional experience!

Intimate Themes

If you are looking for a more intimate wedding, you are in luck. Intimate themes are in, including elements from elopements. Keep your reception personal and cozy with one long table for all your guests.


Adding calligraphy to your wedding design is another design element that adds a personal touch. Try incorporating calligraphy to mirrors, signs, place cards, etc.!

Photo Booths

When I say photo booths, I am not talking about the old school, bulky photo booths. Sleek and fun photo booths are now readily available for your wedding reception! There are also camper + van photo booths that are perfect for outdoor weddings. Check out our photo booth here : https://charlottefrancisphoto.com/party-photo-booth/

Unplugged Ceremonies

Unplugged ceremonies are becoming more and more popular for good reason. Guests will be 100% present during your ceremony with no distractions AND you won’t be distracted by looking out into a sea of iPhone photographers instead of your guests’ faces.

Night Weddings

You heard that right! Night weddings are a new favorite trend! This one is for the couples that truly want their day to stand out as unique and different. By incorporating beautiful light designs such as lit candles, chandeliers and hanging bulbs to create a truly magical setup.

Post-Wedding Adventure Sessions

Would it really be my blog if I didn’t try to get you out in the dirt? If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with Adventure Weddings and getting out in nature for our time together. Adventure Sessions after your Wedding are a great way to get a more tailored Photo and Video. Post-Wedding Adventure sessions will be more laid-back where it’s just you two, the camera, nature….. and maybe some Whiskey! Plus, who doesn’t want one more wear for that once in a lifetime Wedding Dress?