Your adventure elopement & intimate wedding photographer can make all the difference when it comes to planning your wedding day.

As cliche as it sounds, life is short. My goal as your Elopement photographer is to bring your vision to life. From day one, I listen to your wishes for your day and the things that mean the most to you as a couple to create a unique experience for every wedding we photograph. Your wedding day is the one day you can never take back and I take pride in being a key part in ensuring that experience is everything you hoped for. My goal is for when you look back on your elopement photos, you get to re live every single kiss, touch and emotion that was felt that day.

Honest + Intentional Approach

From the second you hit submit on our contact form to the delivery of your gallery, we promise to always be honest and intentional with you. We want to collaborate with our couples to create your dream wedding photos. We work hand in hand with our couples to design a wedding day photo timeline that will be tailored to create the best experience for you! Sure, sometimes we can’t help harsh sunlight or prevent a storm from blowing in, but preparing a timeline in advance gives us the best chance! We want you to have all the fresh photos with the bomb lighting BUT in order for that to happen, ya gotta trust us.

Seamless + Stress Free Experience

We know that not every relationship is the same and that love is not a one size fits all. We recognize when there is a need to step away and when there is a need to step up and be direct. While I won’t personally have you re-do the same pose 10 times to get that perfect Pinterest worthy photo, we will never leave you guessing how to stand, look or pose! We guide our couples and their families along the way to ensure you receive the most seamless and stress free experience. The different dynamics during a wedding day can overwhelm some but we take pride in the fact that we are able to break the ice, read the room and get to work documenting those special moments for you without skipping a beat.

Your #1 Planning Sidekick

After booking you can expect a few things from us. Along with an engagement questionnaire to jump into planning our first session together, we also provide a complimentary wedding and elopement planning checklist and custom wedding magazine to all of our couples to help ease wedding stress. Being in the wedding industry for nearly 5 years now we have included our top tips + tricks we have learned over the years to ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

More Than Just Your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one day that you will never get back. A true celebration of your journey as a couple and it should feel like just that! When hiring vendors for your wedding, it’s important that you hire someone you connect with that you can trust. We never want our couples to feel as if their money is not valued or that they are just another wedding in our books. We don’t just show up as vendors to your wedding to grab our check and go. When you hire us, you get us + our heart the entire way. Along with the many guides and tips we share with our couples, we also take the time to scout and find the perfect elopement & wedding location for you to say I do!


So what is an Intimate Wedding & Adventure Elopement?

The term Elopement is often associated with a trip to the courthouse, something secretive, small and hidden. Here’s the thing, your approach on an Elopement is what makes it what it is. How are you supposed to know that an Elopement isn’t all of the things above? That’s what I’m here for. An elopement can be magical and wonderful if you allow it to be.

For your Elopement you can wake up at your favorite campsite and hike to a beautiful lookout to say your vows. You can travel out of state, out of country even, to places that are meaningful as a couple to create a day that will never leave you thinking “what if”. Your wedding day is truly yours when you are having an intimate wedding or an adventure elopement and that’s what makes it so special.

What if we want to elope but still want guests to attend?

An Elopement doesn’t have to be just the two of you. The beauty in an Elopement is that you can have you and your spouse alone, a group of your closest friends or family attend. The only difference in an Elopement vs an Intimate Wedding truly just comes down to the number of guests attending. Our Elopement packages limit guests to 30, if you have a guest count over that number please check out our pricing for traditional weddings.

If you are unsure if you should have an Intimate wedding or an Adventure Elopement consider these :

Close your eyes and picture you on your wedding day. What do you see? What do you feel? Who is with you? I ask our couples to do this and if it feels right in your heart let’s create some magic together.

Here are some resources to consider when planning your dream Adventure Elopement & Intimate Wedding :

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