Flagstaff Engagement Photos | Arizona Wedding Photographer

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Flagstaff Engagement Photos | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Tianna and Alec are high school sweethearts that describe themselves as laid back and all about the fun things in life! When we asked what scenery they envisioned for their session they said they wanted greenery but also LOVED the industrial look, hence why they chose to get married at the Ice House in Spring 2021! Ultimately a location that had both was preferred and dang did these Flagstaff Engagement Photos deliver. Being Arizona Wedding Photographers, we get to explore SO many locations around the state. Flagstaff always is such a fun location to shoot at no matter what location we decide on!

In Flagstaff you don’t have too look too far to find an open meadow or stretch of pines. We chose this location behind the San Fransisco Peaks because along with having pines that stretch for miles it is also is home to the most incredible little church. Originally, another client of ours had been there and shown us but seeing this hidden gem in person was a whole new level of surreal. As soon as we stepped in, we knew it was the perfect spot to bring Tianna and Alec for their Flagstaff Engagement Photos!

The church appears small outside, almost as though you couldn’t actually walk through the wooden door, but as soon as you open it you are greeted with a large wide open a-frame church looking out to the pines. Tianna and Alec began their session inside of the church, Tianna showing off her black “Mrs.” jean jacket paired with a bolder outfit choice for the couple. The bolder outfit worked so well with the different look we wanted to achieve shooting at the church! 

We took a short hike up the road to grab some dreamy sunset photos in the woods before grabbing the best photo prop ever known – puppies! After some sweet puppy love we ended our session in the meadow. The golden light from the sunset illuminating the long dried grass stems created the most beautiful backdrop to finish Tianna and Alec’s Flagstaff Engagement Photos!

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Oak Creek Canyon Engagement Photos


Eric and Lexi, both outdoor enthusiasts, wanted to incorporate natural elements into their session – making Oak Creek Canyon the perfect destination for their engagement photos. Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge tucked in between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. Filled with gorgeous pines, flowing creeks and red rocks at every turn, this location is beautiful every season. These photos took place in early spring but you can truly visit the canyon during any season, it’s magical year round!

Eric and Lexi opted for a sunrise session for their photos. We chose sunrise to have the canyon to ourselves as it’s known to get busier later in the afternoon with hikers. The gorgeous light given at sunrise was an an added bonus! Only a few short minutes into the hike we stumbled upon an abandoned shack surrounded by a meadow of dry grass. We snapped a few photos in front of the shack to get a variety of looks for their gallery before moving to the opposite side of the trail for a more scenic feel. The endless stretch of engraved red rock was the perfect backdrop for Lexi and Eric’s Oak Creek Canyon Engagement Photos. 

A short hike back and we began our descend into the canyon. Oak Creek Canyon is actually often known as The Grand Canyon’s cousin, as it is comparable in beauty but much smaller. Hiking through the canyon could take an entire day. Lexi and Eric opted for a shorter trail that would give us as many scenic options as possible without taking hours to navigate! Hiking back, we observed the remnants of snow from the last storm of the season and icicles hanging from carved edges of red rock providing another stunning photo backdrop. Sedona truly has it all. The sun rose through the staggering pine trees creating the most breathtaking light to conclude Eric and Lexi’s Oak Creek Canyon Engagement Photos. 

We can not wait to capture Eric and Lexi’s gorgeous wedding next fall!

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Torrey Pines Engagement Session | T + T

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As desert dwellers with a soft spot for all things travel, Tyler  + Taylor decided to make the trek to California for their Torrey Pines Engagement Session. Located in San Diego, Torrey Pines is one of the wildest stretches of land on the Southern California coast. With it’s vast landscapes at every turn this made for the perfect location for a destination engagement session!

We began shooting as the sun fell over the coast line after a short hike through Guy Fleming Trail. Guy Fleming Trail is one of the most popular trails in Torrey Pines with it’s lush greenery, rocky terrain and expansive overlook of the Pacific Ocean. As we arrived at our first stop on the trail, the sun vanished behind thick clouds and created the most magical overcast lighting with sun rays only just peaking through into view. 

Taylor, with her attention to detail and fabulous style, pieced together their outfits herself to truly tie in a color palette that would enhance the natural beauty of the reserve. Tyler + Taylor brought two outfits along for their Torrey Pines Engagement Session. One, a little more dressed up and the second a more casual option that is easier to move around in. An outfit change is a must during any engagement session because we are then able to capture two entirely different looks. This is an incredible way to get such a nice variety for a guestbook, prints, save the dates or a nice album!  A perk offered to wedding clients when you are booked with us is a digital outfit guide emailed directly to you so that there is no second guessing what the heck you should even wear to achieve those “goals” worthy photos.

After spending time at the top of Guy Fleming Trail, we made our way down to the beach, taking in the view from below the cliffs and listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks. Regardless of the weather being overcast, we were graced with the most breathtaking sunset. A favorite during part two of your engagement session is getting that movement going. The salty ocean water was a perfect prop to splash, kick and dance around getting rid those pre-session nerves! Snuggling on the beach alone, (you heard me right, we really did have that ENTIRE beach to ourselves at the end) was a perfect final touch to wrap up Tyler + Taylor’s Torrey Pines Engagement Session. 

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Sand Dunes Engagement Session | T + D

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Commonly known as ‘the Dunes’ (or just Glamis), this diverse wilderness is so much more than dirt and four-wheelers. Steady winds carry the tiny grains into a scarce, but ever-changing expanse that provided an absolutely magical backdrop for this engagement session. It was a joy to capture their playful sides morph into a more serious reflection of the special bond they share throughout their Sand Dunes Engagement Session.

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Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos

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Taime and Hannah chose Phon D Sutton for their Engagement Photos to truly capture the feel of Arizona’s vast desert scenery. Phon D Sutton is a trailhead and recreation area on the Salt River in Mesa, Arizona. This site draws many visitors due to wild horse watching, tubing and camping but also provides the most incredible backdrop for photos. Taime and Hannah’s session was so beautiful and unique to them. Hannah even brought her GORGEOUS 70’s Chevelle to incorporate as a fun prop!

We walked around Phon D Sutton to take in the beautiful scenery (and Hannah got a piggy back ride out of it). A little tip to get loosened up during your engagement photos – take a shot! Bring a bottle of champagne to sip on during! We love to have couples move around first during a session so that they feel comfortable instead of feeling like robots immediately into the session! Taime and Hannah were so fun to capture! Their photos turned out so full of emotion from laughter to emotion to drama. Hannah’s custom-made leather jacket was the perfect little accent to end their Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos.

A little side note – we have a special connection to Taime + Hannah’s love story making these Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos even sweeter. A little over a year ago, I took maternity photos for them and then I asked them to model for a bridal shoot. They said, “Yes!,” then Hannah said, “Yes!” the same day. Taime messaged me the morning of the bridal shoot to tell me he was going to propose to Hannah. We cannot wait for Taime and Hannah’s wedding in Spring 2020!

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