Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos

classic car engagament photos

Taime and Hannah chose Phon D Sutton for their Engagement Photos to truly capture the feel of Arizona’s vast desert scenery. Phon D Sutton is a trailhead and recreation area on the Salt River in Mesa, Arizona. This site draws many visitors due to wild horse watching, tubing and camping but also provides the most incredible backdrop for photos. Taime and Hannah’s session was so beautiful and unique to them. Hannah even brought her GORGEOUS 70’s Chevelle to incorporate as a fun prop!

We walked around Phon D Sutton to take in the beautiful scenery (and Hannah got a piggy back ride out of it). A little tip to get loosened up during your engagement photos – take a shot! Bring a bottle of champagne to sip on during! We love to have couples move around first during a session so that they feel comfortable instead of feeling like robots immediately into the session! Taime and Hannah were so fun to capture! Their photos turned out so full of emotion from laughter to emotion to drama. Hannah’s custom-made leather jacket was the perfect little accent to end their Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos.

A little side note – we have a special connection to Taime + Hannah’s love story making these Phon D Sutton Engagement Photos even sweeter. A little over a year ago, I took maternity photos for them and then I asked them to model for a bridal shoot. They said, “Yes!,” then Hannah said, “Yes!” the same day. Taime messaged me the morning of the bridal shoot to tell me he was going to propose to Hannah. We cannot wait for Taime and Hannah’s wedding in Spring 2020!

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