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Meet your husband and wife Arizona elopement photographers
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More than just your elopement photographers

We are Charlotte + Billy! We are husband and wife team. We are photographers, videographers and elopement guides to our incredible couples. We are located in Arizona but have been so fortunate to travel all over the world documenting and celebrating love along the way.

We have been together 10+ years and we’re absolute best friends. That sounds cliche but could not be more true for us. We have two kids, Kai + Rowen and spend any free moments with them and planning our home renovation projects. Our little adventure puppy is Finn (Finny!) He’s always out on adventures with us, hiking and begging for ice cubes. We also love to travel! It could be a quick impromptu roadtrip up north or a full on excursion to Iceland (our favorite trip yet)!


Our kids are a huge part of our business. Sometimes they will pop in randomly during a phone consult or make a brief appearance during an engagement photo shoot if Billy brings them along to hike the trail we are shooting on. We include them wherever we can – while keeping it professional, of course. We love that they see us working hard and doing what we love everyday!

We’re in this for you

We bring so much more to the table than just photography skills : a lot of dedication, years of personal experience and a whole lot of love.

We are elopement photographers.

But that’s not what gets us up in the mornings. While photography is an extremely fulfilling career and we love what we do, that’s not what we care about most.

  • Helping you to create a space that focuses on you and your relationship
  • Giving you a safe, caring and judgment free space
  • Helping you plan the adventure of a lifetime

That’s why we are elopement photographers and guides.

So heck yes, we will give you beautiful photos! But most importantly, we will provide a safe, caring, judgment free place to commit yourselves to each other. We will help you etch out what your dream wedding day will look like and help you to experience the most incredible day of your life.

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The wedding industry can leave couples feeling like they have no other choice than to plan an outrageous celebration. To go all out with planners, coordinators, 20 groomsmen and bridesmaids, surrounded by people that you are not even close with, spending all of this money…. For what? For a wedding day that does not feel like you? For a wedding day that does not accurately represent you as a couple or share the values that you do?

This is why we started to break the stigma on elopements and began to offer out of this world experiences to our couples because you deserve to have the wedding day of your dreams. You deserve to wake up excited and remember every minute of your day as an experience that truly felt like you and make your heart soar. Your wedding day should have no second thoughts and no regrets. That’s what we’re here for.

The choice to elope can feel intimidating, cheers to you for making the tough decision to put yourselves first.

  • You don’t fit the mould of wanting an average wedding
  • You don’t let others expectations influence your decisions
  • You don’t settle for ordinary

When you choose to elope you also choose:

  • To look back and appreciate your wedding day every year with zero regrets on your decision
  • To say I do exactly as you want with no judgment or outside opinions
  • To have the best day of your life and enjoy every minute of the day you get married

We are here to help more couples like you make the brave choice to get married the way YOU want.


Ready to plan the wedding day of your dreams?

Here’s what it’s like to work with us

Charlotte is the calm you need on the most important day of your life. She is creative and she is patient and there is nothing she won’t do for her couples. Not only is her unique, emotive style timeless, but she is collaborative and knows exactly where to be to capture all the most important moments of your wedding day — even moments you’ll only remember because she captured them. Even after your wedding day, she’ll find ways to show her appreciation and thoughtfulness to her couples! We adore Charlotte, our friends and family adore her, and her energy and groundedness completely shaped our whole day. Thank you forever, Charlotte! You are a treasure, and so are the moments you’ve captured for us.

-Cailey H.

I honestly don’t know where to start, but if you’re still looking for a wedding photographer, look no further, just book her now! My husband and I live in California and wanted to take our engagement photos in AZ. We wanted to have them taken at Antelope Canyon/Horseshoe bend, and we literally looked at the hashtag #antelopecanyon on IG, found a beautiful photo of a couple, and that’s how we found Charlotte. Booking her, communication, and working with her was effortless. It was like having a close friend photograph you. We spoke in between shooting like we were just catching up. Originally we planned to only have her shoot our engagement photos since we would be getting married in CA, but after we got our photos back and realized how amazing she was to work with, she was now on our priority list as far as wedding necessities. Charlotte was my wedding day calm, she was organized, and I didn’t have to think about anything as far as photos! If you’re reading this review I’m sure you’ve already looked at her photos and have seen how truly talented she is, so I don’t feel like anything I have to say could make you realize that any more, but what I will say is her photos are not just pictures, when you look at them they take you back to the moment they happened. They are dreamlike and exactly how I how I wanted to remember my wedding day. They are the perfect combination of candid and posed. She captured all the little details I obsessed over while wedding planning; she captured them exactly how I envisioned. She captured moments between guest, laughing, and things I didn’t even know I wanted until now. The gift she gave me is something that’s hard to put into words, and is something I will cherish always. I couldn’t have received a more meaningful gift.

-Katie M.

Charlotte is the photographer that every bride NEEDS on her wedding day, she kept her cool and kept everyone in line to do her job effectively and professionally to deliver perfection.

But first, engagement photos! Charlotte did our engagement photo shoot and I was so nervous I was shaking, I am an introvert x100 and I have NEVER been comfortable in front of a camera but as soon as we started, I wasn’t nervous at all. Charlotte wasn’t barking orders or poses at us, it literally felt like my fiance and I were just hanging out with friends having a good time. We got SO many compliments on our engagement photos, and people even said they should be used for a whiskey ad campaign.

Now the wedding!
My wedding day was a bit of a mess because it rained ALL day and we had an outdoor ceremony. Charlotte showed up right on time and quickly put my panic to rest telling me that even if it rained all through the ceremony and the reception, we would get AWESOME pictures, and she was right.
The survey she sent out before the wedding had great questions about what we wanted her to focus on on the big day and she delivered 100% on the requests we made in that survey and then some.
It did end up raining all through our ceremony and for the family pictures afterwards so we had to change the location for family photos and do them under cover at the back of the venue and Charlotte never missed a beat, she kept my wandering family (with about 30 kids) in line and got AMAZING photos of everyone.
When our photos were finished (in great time btw) she delivered a surprise gift to us as well which is such a lovely reminder of our wedding and one of our favorite photos she took.
Charlotte wasn’t just one of our “vendors” working at our wedding, it felt like having a friend there to capture our most special moments and we are so thankful that we made the choice to work with her.

– Laura

Charlotte is literally the BEST. She cares so much about her couples and goes out of her way to make you feel special! She is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, professional, laid back, kind, and is definitely the right person if you’re constantly saying “I don’t know what to do with my hands!” in photos like I do. Your photos will look and feel natural because Charlotte knows exactly how to direct you and make you feel comfortable. I could not be happier with how our photos came out and I will always highly recommend Charlotte!!! ♥️♥️♥️

– Jenna L.