The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | Arizona Wedding Photographer

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The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Eloping in Sedona is a dream for many, not only for couples residing in Arizona but couples all over the world. Over the years we have had several couples fly in from other parts of the world to have their wedding day captured in Sedona’s enchanting red rocks. Whether you are looking for a location with spiritual values, an outdoor adventure or just incredible views – Sedona can’t be beat!

The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | More about Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is known to be one of the most magical locations in Arizona. The energy vortexes attract many couples wanting a more spiritual feel for their Elopement while also having an abundance in nearby hiking trails, wineries and resorts – perfect for those who want to make a weekend trip out of their Elopement! The possibilities for Eloping in Sedona are endless. Being an Arizona Wedding Photographer (and living just 2 hours away in Phoenix our whole lives) has given us the chance to experience Sedona many times and it never gets less magical. Having been to Sedona more times than we can count we have also had a chance to off-road in our Jeep being able to access those difficult off road trails that couples come to love and desire for an epic overlook for photos! Couples are able to do Pink Jeep Tours to access most spots but for a more intimate feel we always recommend renting your own jeep for the weekend or jumping in the Jeep with us! 

The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | What to Wear

Depending on what time of the year you are planning on Eloping in Sedona is a major factor to consider! Sedona weather varies and depending on the month you could be changing for your Elopement after a tough hike in hotter weather or bundling up in a fur coat and trudging through snow! We shoot in Sedona frequently and have truly seen it all. A few things we recommend for each couple holding their Elopement in Sedona is to ALWAYS bring hiking boots, water, an emergency bag and a flashlight or headlamp if we are exploring a location where it could potentially get dark quicker than we can get back after taking those to die for sunset photos!

The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | Weather

Sedona more often than not has beautiful weather year round. However, it is Arizona so you can expect bipolar weather here and there. Personally I feel weather changes like a surprise rain storm can make Elopement photos that much more epic, but that’s just me! Typically Spring and Fall are our most popular dates for couples Eloping in Sedona. Spring is wonderful and if you are lucky you’ll find gorgeous spring flowers blooming during your adventure as well as amazing weather. Fall is equally as charming with the leaves changing color and the cooler weather it provides for couples looking to escape the heat. While we still photograph many Elopements during Summer and Winter, they are much less than the latter. Summer in Arizona can be tricky as sometimes temps can reach above 100 degrees making it a bit rough to hike. Summer is also monsoon season in Arizona so random flash floods and rain storms can surprise you and make plans a bit more difficult. Winter in Sedona can absolutely be a dream. The snow covering the red rocks is one of the most incredible sights to see but it is chilly so we always recommend our couples to bring layers, warm coffee or hot chocolate and hand warmers! 

The Ultimate Guide for Eloping in Sedona | Locations

One of the best parts about Eloping in Sedona is the variety in scenery Sedona provides. Breathtaking overlooks, red rocks and creeks are available within miles of each other making it the perfect destination for any couple to say “I do”. While we do keep some of our favorite spots a secret to keep our clients experience exclusive, we’ve attached a few of our favorite spots below!

Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock is known for it’s magical overlook at sunset. Over the last few years it has become increasingly popular for weddings so planning your elopement on a weekday may be more ideal for this location as it can get crowded fast with other weddings and hikers enjoying the scenery on weekends. Hiking distance is just about 1.2 miles round trip for this location but the 740+ ft elevation gain make this a moderate to difficult hike with portions where near vertical climbing is required. From the trailhead the hike can be half hour to an hour each way. Planning around an hour and a half total just for the hike and photos is ideal when shooting at Cathedral Rock. Always remember to bring good hiking shoes, tons of water and flash lights or a head lamp in case the sun sets and you are hiking down in the dark after photos at the top!

Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon is a river gorge located in Northern Arizona between Flagstaff and Sedona. The canyon is often comparable to the Grand Canyon because of it’s scenic beauty. There are several locations in Oak Creek Canyon to Elope though permits may be needed for some of these locations. Eloping in Oak Creek Canyon is great for couples who need less of a hike, have elderly family members who can’t walk as far of a distance or just want something more simple while still providing an amazing backdrop. 

Crescent Moon Ranch

Crescent Moon Ranch is a perfect option for more low-key elopements with lower guest counts. Currently Crescent Moon caps guests at 15 for Elopements with a permit of $50, though this may change after the pandemic. Crescent Moon Ranch offers a beautiful backdrop of Cathedral Rock alongside Oak Creek Canyon. This location is easily accessed by taking a short hike from the parking lot and one of our top recommendations for couples who want something jaw dropping without necessarily wanting to hike far. 

Courthouse Vista

Courthouse Vista is a popular trailhead with dramatic red-rock views without a terribly difficult hike. This location is one of our favorites when couples want something similar to Cathedral Rock without wanting the hike included. There is plenty of parking available and a beautiful 360 view of Sedona at the top. 


Tlaquepaque can host one wedding reception per evening and can accommodate wedding ceremonies in the Tlaquepaque Chapel or on an intimate courtyard. Couples who are eloping can pay a daily permit to photograph here if they are not wanting to host a full blown wedding. Tlaquepaque is known as one of Sedona’s most romantic staging grounds for weddings and vow renewals. 

The Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Sedona | Things to do

Horseback Riding

Wine tours

Hot air balloon rides

Tlaquepaque shopping and arts

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