Allie + Robert’s Sedona Elopement | Arizona Wedding Photography

Allie + Robert’s Sedona elopement was completely magical and full of joy. I loved every detail the couple included to show their individual personalities and their love in a unique and beautiful way.

A small group of close friends and family members gathered to share their special intimate day with them. The bride and groom spent the morning in a quiet Airbnb in the heart of Sedona. I was thrilled to capture the moments of genuine friendship and love that I saw in both the bride and groom’s room as each prepared for their Sedona elopement. Allie’s wedding dress was elegant, but she stayed true to her roots and couldn’t resist wearing her white converse (can’t forget the rick and morty socks too!)

The ceremony took place at the base of Cathedral Rock where one of the bride’s close friends began the ceremony by playing a song with his guitar. After the couple exchanged hand-written vows, everyone hugged and celebrated with the newlyweds. Then we were ready to start the hike to the top of  Cathedral Rock for the most insanely stunning view overlooking Sedona. I was amazed that Allie made hiking in a wedding gown look easy; those shoes were definitely a good idea! Allie + Robert went to the edge of Cathedral Rock for their private first dance. Although there was no cell service to play their chosen song, Robbie wouldn’t let that ruin the moment. Instead, he sang the song to Allie (cue the tears, lol). The scenery’s spectacular backdrop, combined with this couples obvious love for each other, provided ample majestic moments for me to capture! We began the hike down the mountain as the moon began to rise over the town creating the most beautiful glow. What a beautiful intimate elopement in Sedona!