Don’t let your photos live on the internet!

print photo album

If I am being completely honest, I am also guilty of letting my old photos live online. Pretty often, actually, I am scrambling through my phone trying to find a photo that I want to see again or show another family member and have zero idea where it is. I keep meaning to sort through them, get some prints made to frame in our home or finally create an album, but life happens. Don’t let this happen to your wedding photos. You invest thousands into creating photographs of these once in a lifetime moments – you deserve to have them displayed and to be able to pass them down to generations to come. You will not pass down a cell phone to your children.

How much do they cost?



Additional spreads: $25 each


Additional spreads: $30 each


Additional spreads: $35 each

What’s a spread?

A spread are the two pages laying flat. An album with 20 spreads will have 40 individual pages.

album spread example

Let’s talk about cover options


Distressed Leather



What’s a parent album?

A parent album is an exact replica of the album you’re ordering but at a discounted price. This is a great present for your parents. What parent doesn’t love bragging about their child? Here’s what it’ll cost to add that on to your album.

parent album example


Additional spreads: $15


Additional spreads: $20


Additional spreads: $25


Additional spreads: $30

Note: For the parent albums, you can order these with a different cover option and size as your original order, but the amount of spreads must be the same. The size of the parent album must be smaller or equal to the size of your album.

The Process

Through your album link you will pick 80-125 of your favorite images that you want in your wedding album. There is an option to leave comments as well after you have selected if there are any notes regarding adding spreads, extra images, etc.
When designing your album – I like the minimalist approach and try not to crowd the pages with too many photos. After you have created a favorites list of your photos I will hand design your album and send you the preview to approve! If there are any preferences on which photo is a full spread please let me know. We generally do one full spread image per album.
Once everything looks exactly like you want it and the album design has been approved – the order will be send to production and your album will be in your hands in a few short weeks. So exciting!

Have Questions?

Have payment plans?
Yes! Albums can be added to wedding packages to be paid off over the time span of your engagement or if you are ordering post wedding payment plans for 3 months are offered. Payments can be paid monthly and the album will be ordered once the balance is paid in full.
Why should I order through you when I can make my own?
First – the quality of these albums are unreal. The page thickness makes them feel high end, the photos will be perfectly color corrected so they look like they do on your screen, and the covers are so dreamy and feel amazing in your hands. These albums will last your whole lifetime without the photos fading or becoming discolored.

Second, I’m doing all of the work for you. I hear it from several of my couples that they have been meaning to print a wedding album themselves, but just never have the time to do it. I’m designing your album custom for you with layouts you can’t find anywhere else, placing the order for you and delivering it to your home personally after reviewing your final product!

I appreciate the minimal approach, but I want to fit more photos on each page, can I do that?
Absolutely! It’s your album, I want you to be 100% satisfied with it. I design it first in a way that I think looks best, but am happy to go back and rearrange the pages to fit more photos if that’s what you want.

Can I order a parent album without purchasing a regular album?
Unfortunately, no. The album company I use only offers discounts for duplicate albums placed at one time.

Can I order a parent album later on?
Again, unfortunately, no. Parent albums must be purchased at the time of your album because that’s the only way I can get a discount on them.

Are 20 spreads enough or will I most likely be adding on additional spreads?
20 spreads is more than enough to fit your whole day in. Personally, I prefer albums design albums with about 25-35 spreads because I like to include a handful of full page photo spreads as well as some fun dancing photos but it all depends on your preference! I think the full spreads are always the ones that make people gasp. They’re so gorgeous. But – it is only 1 photo and takes up a whole spread. We generally do one photo spread by default but if you’d like extra spreads added you absolutely can!