Dylan + Cailey | Surprise San Francisco Elopement

San Francisco is a very special place for Dylan + Cailey.  The two of them began a tradition in 2015 of visiting San Francisco every year to attend the Outside Lands Music Festival.  Over the years, their annual trip grew to include dozens of their closest friends.  The music festival soon became an event that they would all look forward to each year — an entire weekend of music, dancing, and friends that just gets better every year.  Each of their parents also had important moments in the city, making San Francisco an extremely special place in Dylan + Cailey’s hearts.  So, when they made the announcement to their bridal party that they were flying to celebrate their bachelor and bachelorette parties in San Francisco, no one was surprised.  However, they were soon to be very surprised to find out that they were in San Francisco for a little more than a party.

Dylan + Cailey’s Wedding

After they all arrived, Dylan + Cailey revealed the true reason they would be celebrating — they were getting married the next day!  In the morning, their intimate wedding would take place with the people closest to them —  something that Dylan + Cailey had dreamed up the year before.  They imagined an intimate ceremony, a surprise even, with family and friends. The wedding would be followed by a 3-day celebration at the music festival that had brought them all closer.  I love the way Cailey described it,  “We imagined something special, something different, where we would be so lucky to spend the whole day together.  No hustling or bustling.  We wanted a day where we would be free to celebrate our marriage under a blanket of fog and good music.”  That is exactly how it happened!  

Dylan + Cailey prepared for their special day; Cailey curled her hair and did her makeup while Dylan took shots with his friends. Then they were off!  The beautiful Lafayette Park made a stunning backdrop for their surprise wedding.  

After they made it official, they joyfully ran through the downtown streets for bridal photos before they rushed off to the Outside Lands Music Festival — exactly the way they had dreamed.