Intimate Elopement on Catalina Island

Capturing Sam and Nikki’s Intimate Elopement on Catalina Island was a highlight of the year for sure! Catalina Island is one of California’s Channel Islands just southwest of Los Angeles – it is best known for its wildlife, diving, and its highest peak, Mt. Orizaba.  This quaint island is only about 21 miles by 8 miles in size, but features breathtaking scenery and beautiful stops at every turn.

Wanting the wedding to be very personal, Sam and Nikki chose an Intimate Elopement on Catalina Island with just the two of them. Neither of them could wait to be married as you can see on their faces.  Sam and Nikki took in the sites as we walked along the coast but mainly they only had eyes for each other.  We walked through Avalon taking photos and soaking up glorious sunshine.  Sam and Nikki’s ceremony location overlooked Lovers Cove, a gorgeous rocky cove with a narrow little beach. After they made their marriage official, we spent more time discovering the town of Avalon and taking photos by the courthouse and the water’s edge. The water seduced these lovers as Sam and Nikki couldn’t help but wade in still wearing their wedding attire. The ensuing photographs were some of my favorites!

Sam and Nikki chose an Intimate Elopement on Catalina Island mainly because they visited the island a year before and it held a special place in their hearts.  They never forgot how much they enjoyed it and they knew it was the perfect spot for them to make it official.  Wanting to avoid the stress and drama of planning a big wedding, Nikki mentioned they thought it would be a beautiful place to run away together! She was absolutely correct. Everywhere we turned  on this lovely island, we found amazing backdrops for photos that captured every emotion of the day — from regal and solemn to playful and flirtatious.  It was such a lovely day memorializing all the love-filled moments as their wedding photographer!

Wedding Dress:

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