Clean and versatile presets

Versatile preset package

After years of refining my editing and testing images from all different lighting situations these presets are designed to enhance the natural colors of your photos. They’ve been used in a variety of different landscape and lighting scenarios all over the world and are inspired by one of my favorite places in the whole world The Grand Canyon.

before preset after preset applied

Here’s what they’ll do for you

  • Take Your Photos To The Next Level
  • Cut Down Your Editing Time
  • Create A Consistent Style In Your Portfolio
  • Guide You in Developing Your Own Signature Aesthetic

What’s in the pack:

You’ll find 7 color and 1 black & white presets compatible with any version of Lightroom and Photoshop. Each preset may work better in slightly different scenarios. Below i’ve explained further how each preset is best used along with beautiful before and afters to reference.
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example of preset in action

CF 01

Golden. Warm. Moody but clean. This is the most common preset that I use in this pack and the inspiration behind the Grand Canyon Pack. It is designed to bring warmth and enhance golden tones while keeping true to color. This preset pops in any outdoor setting.

before preset after preset applied

CF 02

Increased shadows, lowered highlights and slightly cooler preset. The most defining feature of this preset is a slightly greener tint and lower vibrance. I like to use this preset to give a clean and muted look to images.

before preset after preset cf02

CF 03

This is my favorite preset to use for sunsets once the cotton candy skies come out. This preset is designed to keep those beautiful sky colors while keeping a natural skin tone on your subjects.

before preset applied after preset applied

CF 04

I love to use this preset either during golden hour, in the forest greens or as the sun is going down. This preset has a beautiful bold golden color to it and is extremely easy to customize in other lighting situations.

before preset applied after preset applied


Black and white images are often the most emotional images in a gallery. I use this preset to enhance important details during the day, emotional moments, close up photos, etc. This has a bold but classic black and white feel with added grain to make it slightly moody.

before black and white preset after black and white preset

CF Harsh

This preset is extremely easy to tweak on harsh lit photos. I use this preset when I am shooting in direct sun and tweak as needed but it is nearly a one click edit 9/10 times!

harsh light before preset harsh light after preset

CF Inside

This preset is designed to enhance indoor photos. It is very true to color with a hint of warmth to keep the image clean. This preset does best with indoor photos with plenty of natural light.

CF Inside 01

This preset was designed for indoor photos to give it a moody and bold look. I use this preset when it feels too warm to give it a clean, natural feel. This preset is best used in a variety of different indoor settings.