What to do if there’s rain on your wedding day?

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What to do if there’s rain on your wedding day? : Arizona Elopement Photographer

We have all heard the phrase “rain on your wedding day is good luck!” When it comes to your wedding day, seeing that ominous rain cloud can feel like the end of the world and instantly send couples into a panic. Whether the weather calls for a light drizzle or shows a downpour the entire day, it is understandable that couples obsessively check the weather and wonder what the heck they are going to do if it does in fact rain on their wedding day. There are a million questions that run through our couples heads – Will our outfits be ruined? How will our photos turn out if it’s pouring rain? Of course, in a perfect world we would have immaculate lighting all day, perfect temps and not a cloud in sight! Rain on your wedding day does NOT have to be a buzzkill though! We try to remind our couples that the weather is ultimately out of your hands and there is no use in stressing over something that has yet to happen, but that does not mean there is no need for a backup plan!

sedona elopement

Do we really need a rain plan?

Whether your wedding is in Arizona, where we get nearly no rain 90% of the year or in Oregon where it rains more often than not – yes you need a plan! It could seem silly if you are getting married in an area where it does not rain often but being prepared is key to having a stress free wedding experience and you will thank yourself if the day comes and it does in fact show signs of a drizzle!

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Here are 6 tips to help you stay ahead and feel prepared for any weather issues that may pop up!

1. Keep tabs on the weather app

If you are worried about rain on your wedding day, checking the weather app can help you feel a little more in control. The week of your wedding is best to check in my opinion since things can change so often there is no use in stressing over something that has not happened yet. As you get into the week of your wedding if it still is showing rain you can make a plan of action for the day. Is the storm all day, just at morning or just at night? If it is one or the other you could always see about moving your ceremony to an earlier or later time. If it shows rain the entire time you can make a plan to shift your event to all indoors! Please know while yes it is helpful to keep tabs on the weather, checking too often can add to your stress so try and limit it to the week of for a more accurate read.

2. Talk to your Wedding Planner About What Rain on Your Wedding Day Means

If you do not have a wedding planner that you have hired, more than likely there is a contact at your venue that handles wedding coordination that you are in touch with during those final weeks. It is best to keep in touch with the day of contact, especially because they are familiar with the venue and have probably seen what other couples have done when bad weather hits. Your planner will be able to find an appropriate location at your venue or help create a plan of action in the event that it does rain on your wedding day.

3. Create a Back Up Plan

Before even booking a venue you should be thinking about the weather and how different scenarios could affect your wedding day. When touring wedding venues it is important to ask what the plan is if it does rain on your wedding day. Will the venue move the ceremony inside? Are you able to move the time of your ceremony? Does the venue provide a tent or have some sort of cover if they do not have an indoor space? These are all questions to consider when booking your venue. Having a back up plan in place helps to feel more in control of the situation and gives couples less stress when something goes wrong.

4. Come Prepared!

Rain on your wedding day does not have to be the end of the world! If you see rain in the forecast here are a few things you can pack to help to keep comfortable. You will need to bring an umbrella to stay under during the heavy rain if choosing to continue outside for your ceremony. On the plus side, clear umbrellas photograph beautifully and actually add some charm to your photos. We love using them! Another must is a change of shoes just in case one pair gets soggy. You will want to keep in mind wet grass and how easy it is to sink during rain. If your dress is long enough you could wear sneakers outside and change into heels later or you can find some heel protectors here! Having your makeup and hair stylist stay until after the ceremony to provide any touch ups from the rain is an amazing idea as well!

5. Keep Your Guests Comfortable If It Does Rain on Your Wedding Day

Keeping guests comfortable during any weather scenario is a big deal for couples. Just like during the summer heat couples provide guests with paper fans, in the winter there tends to be blankets to wrap with, etc. If you know there will be rain on your wedding day we always suggest getting umbrellas for guests to sit under during the ceremony. If you know far enough ahead you can even buy custom umbrellas that go with your wedding color palette to be more aesthetic!

6. Be Flexible and Embrace The Rain!

The biggest tip I can give you on your wedding day is to trust your vendors and embrace it! Working in the wedding industry for over 6 years I can not tell you how many events have had rain regardless of if it was a sprinkle or a downpour. The most important thing you can do is to embrace it. It is still your wedding day, rain or shine!

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