Cruisin Photo Bus + Neue Bride | Downtown Mesa Photoshoot

Neue Bride

This adorable photoshoot in downtown Mesa was so fun!  I am a huge fan of the vision of Neue Bride— a bridal shop for the modern woman.  Our spontaneous photoshoot features some of their unique designs and the personality of the style team.  Sydney, the founder of Neue Bride, found her niche in the industry by creating a shop that focuses on storytelling.  Neue Bride offers select, handpicked styles from independent designers to make your big day unforgettable. Neue Bride even has small favors to gift for yourself or your favorite bride to be!

Cruisin Photo Bus

Cruisin Photo Bus, Arizona’s original photo bus, also came to hang out with us!  This photo bus company is made up of three of the cutest Volkswagen buses, decked out to create photo backdrops that will leave your guests swooning.  I mean, how can you not fall in love with these photo buses and the adorable props included with them?

Downtown Mesa

All of these lovely photos were taken in downtown Mesa, AZ.  Mesa has so much to offer— whether you are here to enjoy the shopping, live music, sculptures, or the many local festivals.  The quaint setting also makes for some gorgeous photo shoots – especially if you want to get the downtown vibe without driving to Phoenix.