Wedding Day turned into an Elopement

elopement in Arizona desert

Do we turn our Wedding Day into an Elopement? Over the last few months Covid-19 has torn through the wedding industry. With over 30 of our own weddings being rescheduled between March to June, we have experienced firsthand the effects of this virus on couples all over the world. There are thousands of couples facing that very question.

There are many factors to consider when potentially making the switch from a Traditional Wedding Day into an Elopement. A few of the main points to take into consideration are – Are you worried about family not being able to attend? Would you prefer to be married privately and celebrate later? Certain guests you must have? Concerned about finding a location that will work for everyone? But wait…. Can we have both? It’s absolutely possible to still have a Wedding Day be special with the current situations in our world right now. Let’s be real, it does not look like this virus will be phasing out anytime soon so having a backup plan and being prepared to make adjustments to your big day are a must right now!

If the stress of family not being able to attend your big day is weighing heavy on you – take a breath! It’s okay! There are many ways to incorporate them into your wedding day still. Whether mom is helping you button your dress or watching your vows via Face-Time, it will still be just as memorable and beautiful. A positive is that restrictions are being lightly lifted in many areas currently and Face-Time is often only a last resort for guests who are not comfortable flying or are unable to attend for various reasons. When asking one of our recent brides what her take away from transitioning their Wedding into an Elopement was she stated; “Originally we were concerned that not having all of those big moments at the wedding day would take away from our experience. It was actually the opposite for us. For us, having the distraction of 100+ guests that we needed to tend to actually would have taken away from the special moments my mom and I shared with only the two of us getting me ready. There were many moments during the day that we recognized would probably not have happened had we not decided to elope. You do not realize how distracting having a large wedding is until you are forced to downsize or reschedule. For us that meant reminding us of what was most important.”

While some couples loved the idea of family attending, others, not so much. After months of stressful what if’s and wedding plans being up in the air, several couples are actually opting to say “I do” in private. Here’s the thing, eloping can feel shameful to some. It can feel like this forbidden, frowned upon secret that you are keeping away from friends and family. But it doesn’t have to. There are several ways to incorporate your loved ones into your wedding day still. Whether you are hiring a videographer to record those special moments to share later or hosting a live streaming for guests to follow, there is no shame in wanting to share that moment together in private. Many of our wedding couples that have decided to turn their wedding into an elopement have said that sticking to traditions like a private first dance, vow readings and taking brief moments to soak in the entirety of the day have been the most encouraging part of the transition.

Another concern for couples is space. Finding an event space may not seem like the most convenient, safe or even financially smart thing to do in today’s world. When looking for a location to hold your elopement there are several factors you should ask yourself: How many guests can I safely allow to witness our wedding? How long will we be at this location? Are there permits we need to be holding a ceremony here? Given there are permits, how expensive? If we have to hold it out in nature, will state parks even be open and available to use? Luckily, Arizona is so broad and expansive with it’s landscapes that if needed, social distancing could most definitely be allowed while maintaining a safe space for your guests to witness your memorable moments. If you are concerned, reach out to your vendors! This is what we are here for. Personally, we specialize in outdoor sessions and elopements so finding an outdoor location is no concern for us and we are happy to help plan your dream day always.

Switching from a Traditional Wedding Day into an Elopement can seem staggering with the questions that initially come to mind. But take a seat, pop open that champagne, get on Face-Time with your best friends and get to planning! How and if you decide to make the transition is ultimately only a decision that can be made by you as a couple. Even if you elope now and save the party for a later time, decide that eloping IS your new wedding plan and ditch the venue or you decide to continue with your set plans, know that your guests will understand your decision and ultimately want to support you however is best. If you are considering rescheduling your wedding to another date, check out our latest blog post here!