Should You Reschedule Your Wedding Day?

Should I reschedule my Wedding Day? This post includes tips and words of encouragement from a few of our own 2020 wedding couples who made the difficult decision to postpone due to COVID-19.

Wedding planning is often one of if not the most exciting moments a couple will go through together. Days filled with bliss as your family surrounds you to finalize touches, anticipation as different dresses are brought out to try while bridesmaids tear up and shout with enthusiasm when “the dress” is chosen, sitting down with the vendors to finally meet after hours of online discussions, finally preparing for that bachelor + bachelorette party you have all been dreaming for after so many hours of stressful planning. Yes, while this seems stressful during the time being, we are all longing for that sense of normalcy to return.

A Global Pandemic generally is not in the cards for most couples and most certainly was not a welcomed addition to wedding planning. Every day we see more couples conflicted in the thought of rescheduling their Wedding Day. While we see so many different articles about rescheduling, what wedding venues think you should do, what your coordinator thinks you should do, your parents, your guests, the list goes on. The best insight is often given by those who have already gone through this and who better than our couples to ask about their experience?

When did you know you needed to cancel?

“The dreaded C-word….” A month away from Taime and Hannah’s wedding day was when the news began to spread of the Coronavirus. After reassurance from vendors, guests and the venue, they were feeling pretty confident about moving forward with their original wedding plans. Things began to change rapidly though. Within days of this conversation they were faced with the fact that they were the only April couple remaining on the calendar… and it didn’t look good. With the increase in cases and concern for guests, Taime and Hannah made the tearful decision to reschedule their wedding day. Their biggest concern was finding a new date that all of their vendors were also available, while it was a concern, they were able to move to a Saturday in October and are feeling much more confident in their decision to reschedule and can not wait to celebrate with their friends and family safely.

What was the turning point?

“When the news of COVID-19 broke, as a bride who has been planning this her entire life and only being 3 months out – I was fully CONVINCED that it would be resolved by our wedding date. Boy, was I wrong. When the CDC gave the recommendation for less than 50 people for events, deep down in my gut I knew the decision that had to be made.” With a large portion of their guest count traveling from out of state Frankie and Raychel knew that so many guests would be at risk and uncomfortable with traveling, While they had the green light to continue on from their venue, ultimately they knew that it would not be the wedding they had dreamed of without those they loved able to safely travel and decided to postpone their wedding to fall. Not without several tequila shots – Ray wanted me to add that in there. Promise.

Keep in contact with vendors!

“The question on whether or not to proceed with the wedding was a heartbreaking decision. We planned our fairy tale wedding for over a year, we were on top of it all and so ready to be married. On top if it all, we had literally just been to a wedding the weekend prior to the shutdown announcement. We fought with our venue. Actually fought, lawyers and all, to postpone to 2021 instead so that we could have all of our original vendors but were met with an ultimatum by our venue where we were basically offered very limited 2020 dates or forfeiting all payments. (Highly recommend you ask venues how they plan to handle situations like this prior to booking so that no one else runs into this). We were unfortunately not able to keep all of our original vendors because of this and some of them had been there for biggest milestones.” Keeping in touch with vendors during this time is CRUCIAL. While not all vendors may be able to reschedule to a new date, the communication between you 3 is vital so that situations like this can be avoided or another vendor can be recommended in their place. Remember, having a Plan B can absolutely help ease wedding anxiety as well if you are not feeling ready to pull the trigger. It never hurts to over prepare!

What truly matters?

“At the end of the day, Michael and I knew regardless that our guests are all supportive of our love regardless of what steps we needed to take. We are still going to have our magical day, we are still going to be together it just may be a little warmer! Besides, we still found a way to celebrate our original date so it was still special!” With Lette and Michael planning their Elopement out of state for April, COVID-19 came in hot. News began flooding in about travel bans, lockdowns, guest list caps 30 days before the elopement. With Elopements the lines aren’t always so clear. Technically, yes you can travel. Yes, you can get married with 10 people or less. Yes, there is nothing stopping you from getting married. So who’s to say you should reschedule your wedding day? Ultimately that was not the experience Lette and Michael wanted for their elopement (can’t say I blame them). Instead, they will be eloping in the gorgeous Oregon forest this summer and celebrating with friends days later back in Phoenix. Finding a way to honor your original date is a must too!

Planning a wedding during a pandemic certainly isn’t ideal. The decision to reschedule your wedding day is ultimately something that can only be decided by the couple. Whether you are facing the decision to reschedule or are planning to elope and celebrate later, you have a community behind you! It is normal to feel disappointed, especially if you, like many others have spent the last year planning your dream wedding. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will be here before we know it. Soon we will be taking all of post COVID tequila shots and celebrating love with those we care for most.

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