Cannon Beach Elopement : Planning Your Oregon Coast Elopement

cannon beach elopement

Cannon Beach Elopement: A Guide To Planning Your Dream Elopement Day

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So you are looking to plan your Cannon Beach Elopement? Let me be the first to tell you how incredible this location is! The Pacific Northwest has many stunning coastal towns, with Cannon Beach being one of them. As an elopement photographer, I have documented elopements all over the United States and beyond, and documenting Cannon Beach Elopements has always been a personal favorite.

Having a Cannon Beach Elopement is absolutely perfect if you are wanting a dreamy beach wedding with the added beautiful moss-covered trees, mountains, nearby waterfalls, epic cliff overlooks, and perfect weather. A chance of rain can seem intimidating to some, and yes, Oregon weather is known for its frequent rainy days, but personally, I love the added sprinkles and moody weather in Oregon. It makes your photos that much more dramatic!

Cannon Beach is one of the more accessible locations to get to on the Oregon Coast as well, which is an extra added bonus if you are including family or friends who may not be into a big hike on the wedding day. This guide will cover some of our favorite places to hold your Cannon Beach Elopement, what to expect, some top-notch vendors local to the area, and nearby accommodations that you will love!

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Wedding Permits

When it comes to eloping at any state park, it is so important to do your research and make sure you are following the local guidelines. Unless you are planning on having a large wedding ceremony, you probably will not need a permit for your Cannon Beach Elopement; that being said, gatherings do not prohibit the public from also having access to the area, so this is where sunrise or sunset comes into play for a more intimate ceremony. As always, make sure to do your own research as guidelines can change, and you want to make sure you are covering all bases. You can find more permit information here!

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Where To Hold Your Cannon Beach Elopement

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock is definitely the most popular and well-known area to elope in Cannon Beach. The enormous rock formation can be seen as you look down the coast and is an incredible area to elope and get some jaw-dropping photos. It is a popular area, so keep that in mind when planning your cannon beach elopement and try to plan for a morning or early evening ceremony if possible!

Silver Point

At the southern end of Cannon Beach is Silver Point. A rocky stretch of beach with a smaller sea stack but still killer views. This part of the beach is not as popular and is not the easiest to access but could be a great option for an intimate elopement for a couple wanting to avoid crowds.

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park is the whole package for a Cannon Beach Elopement. Ecola’s trails offer stunning cliffside views, lush green forests, secluded coves, and access down to the beach. This is a perfect location to have a mid-day ceremony, picnic, or hike through the forest before enjoying a sunset on the beach.

Hug Point

Hug Point is a stunning location near Cannon Beach with beautiful cliffs, hilly forests, and a waterfall right on the beach; how can you beat that? It is a beautiful rocky part of the coast with craggy ledges and coastal caves that draw people from all over the world to see this beautiful place.

Oswald West State Park

Oswald West State Park has a beautifully secluded sandy beach and miles of trails leading to breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. With beach views, waterfalls, and mountain views, this location has it all. His vast, scenic treasure is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular parks in Oregon. 

cannon beach elopement ecola state park

Best time of day to have your Cannon Beach Elopement

The best time to elope at Cannon Beach is in the early morning or early evening before sunset and on a weekday if possible. Weekends, especially in the summer, are a very busy time for Cannon Beach, so you will want to avoid holding your ceremony during these times if you are a more private person. Morning and evening are also keys to beautifully lit photos, you do not want to have that harsh sun in all of your photos, so making sure to research sunrise and sunset times while working with your photographer is so important to get those beautifully lit photos! Keep in mind that tide tables and weather forecasts are also big factors in locations you can access. At low tide, you are sometimes able to access locations that you can not. Otherwise, conditions can change quickly, though, so keep that in mind and plan safely!

What Weather To Expect For Your Cannon Beach Elopement

Going into your Cannon Beach Elopement with an open mind is key to having the best experience. It is not a secret that the Oregon coast is a wet place; how else would we get all of that beautiful lush greenery? With that being said, the likelihood of getting a little drizzle on your wedding day is pretty likely. Embrace it! There is so much beauty in the unknown of elopement days, and embracing the day as it comes can be such an incredible thing. The warmest months in Oregon are July, August, and September so keep that in mind if you want the best chance of a sunny beach elopement.

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Where To Stay For Your Cannon Beach Elopement

Where you stay during your elopement is such a big part in the whole vibe of the day. We are huge fans of making a weekend or vacation out of your trip and unwinding in a cozy Airbnb or hotel nearby your destination, close to delicious restaurants and shops to make your experience that much better. Having a nice place to relax and unwind is key to having an amazing time! Here are a few of our personal favorites!

Rockaway Beach A-Frame Cabin 36 minutes from Cannon Beach

The Ocean Lodge for a more luxurious stay

Cannon Beach Vacation Rentals for stays directly on the beach

Anchor’s Retreat for larger group stays

Vendor Recommendations

Having great vendors for your Cannon Beach Elopement is the easiest way to ensure you have an experience of a lifetime. Finding vendors who are passionate about helping their couples have an incredible elopement experience is a must, especially if you are not from the Cannon Beach area and do not have an existing knowledge of local vendors.

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Cannon Beach Restaurants

Bistro: For couples needing to book a private event space for an elopement reception meal or micro wedding. You can book it as a private event space for up to 36 people. It also has live music and incredible food!

Sage Bleu Catering: The perfect option if you are wanting to stay on the beach for a smaller meal or if you are interested in an intimate dinner at your beach house after your sunset elopement!

Cannon Beach Florists

Pacific Coast Floral Design

Cannon Beach Beauty Team

Luxe Artistry Group

The Union Knot

Cannon Beach Officiants

Oregon Beach Ceremonies

Rooted and Wild

A Cannon Beach Elopement can be a beautiful and intimate spot to tie the knot in an intentional way. These are a few of my favorite spots along the coast, and I can not wait to help you plan the perfect Cannon Beach Elopement. If you’re looking to elope at Cannon Beach (or you want advice about other elopement options in Oregon and beyond), let’s get in touch!