Eloping During Covid-19 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

Elopement during covid-19

Eloping During Covid-19 | Arizona Wedding Photographer

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can make Eloping during Covid-19 a breeze! First, go ahead and throw out any expectations that your dream day can not happen because of the current state of the world right now. You can have an incredible, out of this world Wedding still while also keeping those around you safe! Being an Arizona Wedding Photographer, we’ve seen it all and we are here to help!

Eloping during Covid-19 does not mean you two will run away to some hidden place where no friends or family will witness your special day. I mean, unless that’s what you want, because if that’s the case Adventure Elopements are a dream. I’ll help you plan it! With most states right now the rule of thumb is 50 guests or less. To some, that may push their comfort levels and to others they feel they are eliminating a huge portion of their guests. Whether you have 10 guests or 50, a way to include those guests who are not able to attend is Live Streaming! You are able to stream on Facebook Live and even save the video for yourselves after. We have also seen couples have a relative record via Zoom or call friends and family on FaceTime during the ceremony so that they are still able to take part in the event. Another way you can include guests is a drive by cocktail hour, this way friends can drive by and say congratulations or drop a card off!

Next, you’ll want to plan a spot to take formal photos! If the location you are getting married at is say a backyard of a friend or a random park, maybe there isn’t a ton of picture perfect options. Working with your Photographer you can create a timeline that will allow you to find a special place that’s private to the two of you. Jasmine and James, the couple in the photos here, planned their photos to take place in downtown St. Louis! This was a perfect choice for them as they live in the heart of St. Louis and it’s where their relationship blossomed. Eloping during Covid-19 and a Pandemic, taking photos of the current state of the city around them was extremely important to them. Jasmine and James are a true reflection of how love always wins.

Keep it clean! If you are Eloping during Covid-19 the number one goal is keeping everything sanitized and safe for you and guests. Disposable utensils, pre packaged drinks and a few sanitize stations around the event and you are ready to roll! Skipping buffet style dinner and pre plating is also a huge way you can reduce risk for guests. To top it off, you could even throw the utensils, some sanitizer and a mask into a bag and count that as your wedding favor. Easy, practical and guests will thank you for thinking of them!

Incredible Portland Flowers shown above are from: https://www.instagram.com/wildflower_portland/

Last, there’s the huge question of venues needing to shut down again. If your venue is mandated to shut down but you do not want to wait several months to tie the knot, you have options! Exploring into a huge open meadow for a ceremony, finding a cute Airbnb to host your friends and family or reserving a local lot at a State Park are all amazing options for a last minute Elopement location.

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Wedding Favors that Stand Out

Wedding favors can be a great way to say “thank you” to your guests for putting in the effort to make it to your big day.  Are you looking for favors that will stand out? I have seen all sorts of unique wedding favor ideas at Arizona weddings. Whether you’re looking for something guests can munch on, or something they can keep forever, these are a few wedding favor ideas that will stand out!

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Planning A Wedding : 8 things you need to know | Charlotte Francis Photo

wedding planning tips

Planning A Wedding

Congratulations!  You have a wedding to plan!  This will be such a busy and exciting time in your life.  Being a wedding photographer, I get to see a lot of behind-the-scenes action when it comes to wedding planning.  I’ve compiled a list of things you need to know when planning your wedding.  Hope it helps you to get things planned and enjoy the process!

  • Research always pays off.

Doing your research, no matter how time-consuming, is so worth it.  You will never regret researching instead of booking your first option. Always ask to see galleries of full weddings and ask about what you should expect day of from your photographer as well prior to booking to make sure their style fits what you are wanting for your wedding day. Testimonials and reviews should play a huge role in deciding who your vendors will be.  I have worked with an amazing group of Arizona wedding vendors, so feel free to ask for recommendations!

  • Find a photographer + videographer you vibe with.

I cannot sufficiently stress the importance of finding the right photographer and videographer for you — as a couple.  They are the people who you will be with the most on your wedding day, so it is vital that you vibe with their personalities and techniques. Get to know a couple of photographers through their social media posts and “About Me” pages, and get in contact with those you think you would want to work with! Most photographers will schedule a consultation with prospective clients to see how they get along; take advantage of this!

  • Check out the lighting of your ceremony space.

The mood of your wedding matters.  If you are looking to have a light and airy wedding — but your ceremony space has dark and moody lighting — you might want to look into different locations.  If you choose a ceremony space because of religious or sentimental reasons, your photographer will most likely be able to create lighting that is closer to the mood you want for your wedding.  However, if you are looking for an outdoor space or venue, check it out before you make any big decisions. A good idea for outdoor weddings is checking how the light will be at your ceremony site ahead of time, photographers are great at working with different lighting situations but we always recommend your ceremony have ample shade for you and your guests, especially during Arizona summers or be shot during golden hour. Talk with your photographer to get their input as well, we are here to make your photos the best they can be!

  • Your DJ matters.

Your wedding reception’s success will likely depend in a large part on which  DJ you select.  Every DJ has a different style and will bring a different atmosphere to your celebration, so choose wisely!  Get recommendations from friends who have gotten married recently and  look at online reviews.  Make sure and talk to your DJ before booking to ensure your ideas about the perfect reception align with theirs. In my opinion, your DJ is just as important as finding the right photographer. Finding a DJ who knows how to read the audience and play the right music to get the party started is so important to a successful reception!

  • Get organized.

Because wedding planning is so busy and fast-paced, it is easy to become disorganized.  If you start out with an organized plan, it will be easier to stay organized as you begin to book your vendors and make big decisions! A wedding planner is a huge asset for every wedding, especially for couples who are busier and do not have the time to sit and plan down to the very last detail. A day of planner or coordinator is extremely helpful for any event so that you and your guests can relax and enjoy the party!

  • Your budget is a huge part of wedding planning.

Your budget is not everything, yet maybe it is.  Being realistic with your wedding budget will help you avoid unnecessary debt and financial stress as you enter married life.  Once you have determined who is contributing and how much they will be paying for, it is important to decide what your personal budget will be.  According to a 2017 study from “The Knot,” the average wedding in the United States costs over $33,000.  Many factors affect what the cost of your wedding will be — guest count, location, flowers, etc.  For a rough idea of how much each item will cost, use these national averages.

  • You will have to prioritize.

Budgeting will help you to leave space for your priorities.  Sit down with your fiance and figure out what the most important aspects of your wedding are to the two of you.  Determine what percentage of your budget you will be spending on the items you have prioritized. Prioritize these details and compromise on less important items to stay within your budget. Decide together what percentage of your budget you will be spending on the items you have deemed as most important.

  • Plan your wedding for you.

This is your wedding.  Although you can be thoughtful and think of your guests, do not let your guests’ preferences overpower your own.  Be assertive and make sure you are making decisions for the two of you! This is your special day! Some creative ways you can make your wedding more unique are having live music for your ceremony or reception, smore’s or a hot chocolate bar for those chilly winter weddings or an icecream truck for summer, a photo booth for your reception, a tattoo bar, customized favors for guests (some of my favorites have been handmade soaps, succulents to take home and grow, mini shots and fresh coffee grounds!) The list goes on and on! Sit down and think about all of the things that would make your wedding a dream and implement those. This is one of the most special days of your life and you deserve to have it revolve around all of the things you both love!

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